Annual Report 2014/15 Annual Report 2014/15

3 strategic core pillars

TUI Group has launched its new sustainability strategy, ‘Better Holidays, Better World’. The ambitious 2020 strategy is built around three core pillars to help shape the future of sustainable tourism. TUI has set itself ambitious goals for sustainable business, spanning environmental, social and economic sustainability.

TUI sustainability strategy
2015 – 2020
step lightly

Reducing the environmental
impact of holidays
through our own operations
make a difference

Creating positive change
for people and communities
through our value
chain and customers
lead the way

Pioneering sustainable
tourism influencing
the wider industry and beyond

»Holidays open up new horizons, peoples and cultures. He who travels the world, understands it better. Tourism is a critical driver of many of the world’s economies, serving to improve destination infrastructure and living conditions. In this context, TUI seeks to be recognised as a reliable employer, investing particularly in developing the professional skills of young people in destinations.

Our focus will be to expand the positive impacts of tourism, whilst simultaneously working to reduce the negative impacts – along the value chain. We know we can achieve a great deal. Our new 2020 sustainability strategy sets our direction. «

THOMAS ELLERBECK, Member of the Group Executive Committee, Group Corporate & External Affairs, TUI Group

Our challenge

TUI is the world’s leading tourism business – and leaders have to take responsibility. Our society increasingly expects respected brands and companies like TUI to demonstrate leadership for a sustainable future.

We are proud of the positive role our industry plays around the world. The travel and tourism sector accounts for 9 % of the world’s GDP and 6 % of its exports. It is responsible for one in 11 jobs globally and is the main source of foreign exchange in one-third of developing countries.

There are also significant challenges. Travel and tourism accounts for around 5 % of global carbon emissions – half of which is attributable to aviation. We are committed to reducing carbon emissions which is a key challenge for TUI.

Our vision is to make travel experiences special whilst minimising environmental impact, respecting culture and people and bringing economic benefits to communities.


Creating more
sustainable holidays
Flying Europe’s most
carbon-efficient aircraft
Operating our cruise
ships more efficiently
Supporting our hotels to
achieve best practice
sustainability standards
Investing in tourism
skills and education
Enabling local people to
benefit from tourism
Reducing CO2
from our shops

Promoting greener
and fairer holidays
Protecting biodiversity
and championing
animal welfare
Greening our
couch fleet
Engaging customers with
sustainable tourism
Enabling colleagues
to be ambassadors
for sustainable tourism
Creating more
sustainable excursions
Working with destinations
on the sustainable
management of tourism