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The oneBrand campaign is designed to establish a consistent, contemporary profile for the TUI Group all over Europe. It will signal TUI’s presence at every point along the tourism value chain. We take a look behind the scenes to see what is on the agenda.

Walk through the door of the TUI store in Amsterdam and you might think you have just begun your holiday. Visitors are welcomed into a bright, relaxed space with a large multi-touch display, wallpaper like a huge post­er photograph taken on a Caribbean beach, and a comfortable lounge sofa.

This fresh, modern face to TUI is not confined to Amsterdam. Stuttgart and Düsseldorf already have their TUI stores, and hundreds more will gradually follow in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and the Nordic countries. The new outlets are pieces in a mosaic: a sweeping programme of streamlining and rejuvenation that TUI has prescribed for itself. All over Europe, the Group is rolling out oneBrand. Customers will experience a new TUI brand, and above they will experience the same TUI brand at every stage of their journey.

»With oneBrand TUI is visible along the entire value chain as one big, internationally consistent travel brand.«

ERIK FRIEMUTH, Chief Marketing Officer

Clear, contemporary and digital

Stephan Krings heads up the project, so he knows all about the background. He coordinates no fewer than 13 teams, with dozens of TUI employees working on sometimes very different aspects of oneBrand, from the strategic and legal issues and the technical practicalities like online marketing via search engines to rebranding planes and buses or Group activities and publications in holiday destinations.

The project teams aim to take all the existing national brands, like Arke in the Netherlands, Jetair in Belgium, Fritidsresor in Sweden and Thomson in the UK, fuse them into a single TUI label and promote a common corporate image among customers – in the physical world and on the Web. “In future TUI will display one face to the customer and speak with a single voice. There are lots of advantages,” says Stephan Krings, and he starts listing them: targeting new customer groups, boosting service quality, fielding a stronger Internet pres­ence, enhancing the TUI brand value, and last but not least improving marketing efficiency.

»OneBrand enhances our customers’ holiday experience and draws our colleagues in different countries closer together.«

DAVID SCHELP, Managing Director TUI Destination Services

One example: in the past there might be up to 150 different brochures about available excursions on dis­play in the hotels on Crete, all sporting different national brands and available in different languages, but in the future the selection will slim down considerably – thanks to this concentration on oneBrand. “Parallel to that we are strengthening our corporate culture by focussing on clear common goals with a high level of identification,” explains the 45-year-old.

But there are many more facets to oneBrand. The change triggered by the project is especially striking on the Internet, where any established brand translates directly into traffic, customers and turnover. “In Scandinavia, for example, we sell nearly 90 per cent of our holidays online,” points out Stephan Krings. Other countries are catching up in huge strides. If the TUI brand is now about to replace all the national brands, some of which have been around for decades and are household names to our customers, the campaign has to proceed with wisdom and prudence: “Ultimately we have to get the message across to customers that when they go online to look for a holiday, they will only need to search for TUI. And search engines like Google will have to learn as fast as possible that a brand like Arke in the Netherlands, for example, is now TUI.”

The project teams dedicated to the Internet and marketing have already been hammering away assiduously on both fronts, and well-targeted investments have been made: in nationwide TV adverts, for example, where the old Arke logo visibly morphs into the smiling TUI logo. But without local commitment, search engine optimisation and online advertising would not be entirely effective. The countries have to make the switch to the new TUI brand their own affair and give full backing to this move. In the Netherlands, this has been a fantastic success, as Elie Bruyninckx, responsible for Western Region on the Executive Committee of the TUI Group, observes with no small pride: “The team bent over backwards to implement the new brand within a few months. In the end, it’s the passion displayed by our employees that brings the TUI brand to life for our guests.”

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All under one brand

In future the Group wants its customers to encounter the TUI brand everywhere, not just in the travel store or on the Web. Even on board TUI’s European airlines, the familiar logo will fly along too – inside and out. And when guests reach their holiday destination, they will be welcomed, accompanied and advised by TUI travel reps. Whether in Greece, the Caribbean or Mallorca.

»TUI Blue will open up a new dimension to the hotel experience: up-to-date, con­venient, individual and authentic.«

ARTUR GERBER, CEO, TUI Hotel Betriebsgesellschaft

Posters and banners with the slogan “Welcome to Majorca – Welcome to the World of TUI” greet guests as they approach the luggage belt. Then they are led to the bus by a rep whose clothes, sign and clipboard also display the simple word TUI. “There used to be specific buses for guests from different countries, all with their own accompanying staff,” remembers Marina Holzner of TUI Destination Services, who is playing a major role in the rebranding campaign on Ma­jorca. “Since late 2014 we have harmonised that. As far as flight schedules and hotel routes allow, we now carry mixed groups on the same bus during the same trip.” We receive our guests with a smile, take them to wherever their holiday begins – and save time and money in the process.

“It’s lovely to see how all the TUI employees at the airport on Majorca have grown into a single oneTUI team,” adds Marina Holzner. “It was important to us to manage the rebranding process constructively. Everyone was encouraged to express any reservations or suggestions they had, and we have ended up with an overall panorama that is completely lucid.” Ultimately it serves not only brand communication, but also efficiency. In the old days, for example, there were five different suppliers for all the different national brand publicity material, whereas today we just have one. More­over, services like graphic design will be centrally sourced.

Individual and authentic

The new measures initiated by the oneBrand project extend – logically enough – beyond branding and marketing. They also concern the hotels. The most vivid expression of this is the new premium hotel brand TUI Blue. Over the next five years, the brand will acquire and market 50 existing and as yet unbuilt facilities. The brand launches in May 2016 with the hotels Sarigerme Park and Palm Garden in Turkey, soon to be followed by locations in Tuscany and in Schladming, Austria.

“TUI Blue addresses travellers who want a particular mix of quality hotel experience and personal planning,” says Sandra Wöltje from the Marketing team at TUI Hotels & Resorts. “People who appreciate comfort, lifestyle and good food, take an interest in the host country and are curious to explore off the beaten track.” That is why the TUI Blue hotels will offer cuisine dominated by regional ingredients and specialities, an architecture rich in vernacular styles and natural materials, and an excursion programme that highlights authentic experience and encounters. Sandra Wöltje sums up these aspirations succinctly: “We bring the host country into the hotel.”

Alongside all this, TUI Blue incorporates a distinctive approach to fitness and technology. There is a de­dicated app that guests can use to access information or book hotel services round the clock. And sport features in all manner of formats, whether it is yoga on the beach, outdoor circuit training or working out with a personal coach. Valuing individuality and authenticity – that’s TUI Blue.